Award Winning South African Wedding Photographer

Undoubtedly, every moment shared together as a newlywed couple is a memory that should never be forgotten. Along with the stress of planning the perfect wedding, your choice of wedding photographer should not be chosen lightly. Christelle Rall is the top Award Winning South African Wedding Photographer.  Her skill behind the camera will turn any wedding jitters into happy memories and relaxed smiles.

Not only is she discreet, but also you may not even know she is there.  She photographs the essence and soul of each couple she works with.  Additionally, she turns every intimate look into an image that says so much more than 1000 words.

Altogether, Christelle has won over 300 international top wedding awards.  She was also ranked the highest female wedding photographer in the world at nr 22nd by the prestigious ISPWP.  Additionally, she also won the Wedding photographer of the year by Admired in Africa.  As a result of these awards and accolades, Christelle is the top Award Winning South African wedding photographer.  

International Wedding Photography recognition 

Her natural and unique photographs have graced the pages of many magazines, brochures, and online publications.  Along with her work, she also features in international interviews.  She is also an invited guest speaker at international photography conferences.  Furthermore, her expertise often leads to judging wedding photography competitions on every continent of the world.   

Photography is not a job for Christelle, it is a passion.  It is this passion that drives her work.  “I love the uniqueness of each wedding.  As well as the challenge of capturing each couple’s personality.  Above all, I love the creative freedom that each wedding provides.”

Christelle sees life through the eyes of a lens.  This gives her an extraordinary ability to capture a flash in time. As a result, you are blessed with images that become art on your walls.  Art that will be displayed in your home for a lifetime!

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