Finding the best wedding photographer for you
Why choose me. 

Taking wedding photos is an extremely high pressure environment for the photographer. We only get one shot at it. And by we I mean you to. These are your memories for one of the most important days of your life. It is serious business and you should not entrust this responsibility to just anyone.

Foremost I am an artist and professional with a degree in what I do. This all that I have done for the past 15 years and I bring the experience of more than 600 weddings as principle photographer. This is why my packages start at R25k and I am proud to say I am worth it.

Below you can learn more about what to consider before you book your photographer.

South African Wedding Photographer
Do not risk your wedding photos – you can never redo your wedding day!

Similarly to so many other professions, practice does make for perfection.  Weddings are indeed real time, fast paced action filled events with particularly important in-between moments.  In order to look for, anticipate and capture these moments with finesse, the photographer needs to be experienced.   Most photographers can give you good photos when all goes well.  If the couple is comfortable in front of the camera, and all is pretty.  Whereas a great photographer can give you stunning images even if things go wrong.  And things do go wrong sometimes… it rains, the wedding runs late or the pastor forget.  Christelle’s experience allows her to offer her clients beautiful, creative, and emotional images every time.  Admittedly, it took her years of hard work, studying, practicing, and investing in herself and her equipment.  As a result, she enables trust with her clients to deliver world class photos, regardless of what goes wrong.  Like any type of weather condition or any other challenge that may arise on the wedding day.  Along with the multitude of accolades, her experience defies her as one of the best wedding photographers in South Africa. 

Get the best quality wedding images and products.   

Besides the fact that an entry level camera is affordable, it also presents a possibility for a part time income.  In spite of this, these entry level cameras quality is not enough to compete with professional industry standards.  Subsequently, they do not perform well in low light which will result in subpar quality photos.  It should be noted that your photos and album will be the only tangible elements after your wedding is over.  In 20 years when you look through your wedding photos and album, you would want to relive every moment again.  The laughs, the joy, the love, and the emotional moments.  In contrast, you do not want to look back and cringe because the photos are just terrible.  It is for this reason that Christelle invested thousands into acquiring only the top camera bodies and lenses.  As a result, she can offer her clients the best possible quality that is available today.  Thus establishing her further as one of the best wedding photographers in South Africa.  Not only does she display a variety of photography techniques but also her abilities to use light is impressive. 

Do not skimp financially on your wedding photography.

This is a no-brainer.  If you pay for peanuts, expect peanuts.  If you pay for diamonds, expect diamonds.

Undoubtedly, your wedding photos should be the one aspect of your wedding that you must not compromise on financially.  The flowers will wither and die, the music will stop, the food will be forgotten.  But you will enjoy your photos and album for the rest of your life.  As a rule, so many couples make the mistake to skimp on their wedding photography and then regret it forever.  Pay your wedding photographer enough so that you can trust him/her completely.  Most photographers offer a variety of packages.  Therefore, judge the value for money for each package.  This should be based on the photographer’s quality, experience, products, hours of coverage and number of photos included.  With this in mind, Christelle developed a set of packages that offers the best value for money.  The packages are designed to service the small, elopement wedding, the standard wedding, and the big multiple day wedding celebrations

Get along with your wedding photographer

Without a doubt, the most important aspect to consider when choosing your wedding photographer is for you to get along.  In most cases, couples are not comfortable having their photos taken.  It is therefore up to the photographer to put them at ease.  Thus turning something dreaded into something fun.  Christelle believes this is so important that she offers a complimentary pre-wedding shoot to all her clients.  As a result, you can familiarize yourself and get comfortable with her prior to the all-important wedding day.  But be aware… you might end up having loads of fun!  Particularly evident in the multitude of reviews and testimonials of happy clients.  All confirming how comfortable and relaxed Christelle made them feel.  As a result, she has formed lasting friendships with previous clients.  Again proofing that she is indeed one of the best wedding photographers in South Africa.    


Overall, Christelle views each wedding as different and unique.  Therefore, requiring a fresh approach every time.  She continuous to push the boundaries of creativity.  As a result, she captures your special day with tasteful and uniquely creative photography.  She is indeed a photographer that will exceed your expectations and will be a vital contribution to the success of your wedding photos.



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