Undoubtedly, leading the industry with some of the best wedding photos in the world.  Christelle’s wedding photography continues to push the boundaries of creativity.  As well as breath taking emotional photos, her classic portraiture approach ensures for beautifully elegant wedding photos. As a result of this combination, each client can expect the best of both.  Creative, yet timeless images where the focus is always on telling your unique story. 

Christelle is a Cape Town based wedding photographer and is in her 15th year as a professional photographer.  She loves the challenge of capturing each wedding in a unique and creative way.  Therefore, her wedding photos portray the raw emotions and special moments as it happens.  Especially because she has the rare talent to make use of ordinary elements available on the day to create strikingly creative compositions. 

She has won many international awards and accolades over the years with some of the best wedding photos in the world.  Consequently, she has been asked to judge several wedding photo competitions in countries like Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, and the USA.  She has also been invited to speak at wedding photography conferences worldwide.  

Unique and creative wedding photos  

The beauty, the joy, and the love are just some of the elements that drives Christelle to extend beyond the ordinary.  Thus, capturing remarkable timeless moments.  Just as the passion that lies with the relationships that she builds with clients.

“My biggest drive when capturing a wedding is always to capture the couple’s truth.  The real and honest moments that make their relationship and love so unique.  That makes them, THEM.  To me, it is this truth that makes them so beautiful and special.”  Christelle

With Christelle, your most memorable wedding moments will be captured in some of the best wedding photos in the world.    Not only will your photos be creative, unique and innovate but it will also portray the unscripted emotional elements of your day truthfully.