Camps Bay Wedding

Camps Bay Wedding

Paraz and Zoe opted for a Camps Bay wedding in Cape Town.  They both reside in the UK where they met at work.  The couple came from the UK to get married at the beautiful 5-star hotel, the Twelve Apostles in Cape Town, South Africa.  Their wedding was the first time ever in my career that I did a combination of a Hindu and Jewish traditions.

This meant that there were two ceremonies, two wedding dresses and two sets of rituals to follow.  To make things a tad bit more complicated, Cape Town offered some much-needed rain.  The ceremony was moved to one of the inside conference rooms that has a spectacular view of the mountains and Lions head.  Gerhard from Duke and Duchess flowers did a fantastic job on creating magic with a sea of beautifully coloured flowers.

Because of the dress changes and the rituals that goes with each religion, the ceremony was long. But the couple kept their good spirits and only had laughs and smiles for their couple shoot around the property.  During their reception some heartfelt speeches were given, followed by some traditional dancing.  It was such a touching moment to see the couple doing their traditional dances with their parents.

Thank you, Paraz & Zoe, for choosing me as your Cape Town wedding photographer. It was such a privilege to photograph your wedding traditions for you and to be part of this wonderful day!

***Christelle Rall’s work have been awarded by the most important professional international organizations in the industry;  Fearless Photographers, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), Wedding Photography Select (WPS) & Admired in Africa Photographer of the year – to name a few.  The multitude of awards is testament of, (and also the best guarantee for you), of her constant delivery of the high quality of work that she delivers.  It is this drive to exceed her couple’s expectations, to celebrate their story, love and wedding day that drives her to achieve even higher excellence.  To maintain such a high level of recognition pushes her to think outside of the box and come up with more creative shots while celebrating the couple and their love.

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Camps Bay Wedding

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