With photographic flair that is both recognised and celebrated worldwide, Christelle was recently rated as the 22nd best wedding photographer in the world by the ISPWP – the international society for professional wedding photographers.

As a mother to two young kids herself, Christelle deeply understand that there is nothing in the world that comes close to the unconditional love of a child.  Those precious moments of love, laughter, joy and even the challenges of being a parent, is what drives her passion for real life family photography. Weather it is a full, half or a one-hour photo shoot, her goal is always to portray the unique emotional connection that each family has.  When the kids are out of the house and has families of their own, she wants her clients to be able to relive those special moments through her photography. Memories that will be held dear for grandkids and even generations to come.

Christelle’s approach to her portrait photography is to portray the subject as a beautiful being – both from the outside and inside.  Her portrait and sport photography is both conceptional, creative and above all, personal. Her goal is not only to create a photo that reflects reality, but to create a photo that has a deeper meaning of essence to it.  She aims to make the viewer feel the subject matter, not just look at another pretty picture.