Top tip for Creative Wedding Photos

What can I do to get more creative wedding photos? 

Practice does make for perfection.  Especially in wedding photography. 

The concept is simple, the more experience a photographer has, the better their creativity.  Almost every photographer can take a good picture when all the elements are perfect.  For example when there are lots of time, gorgeous light and a couple that is comfortable posing for the camera.  On the other hand, the reality is that weddings are far from perfect.  Namely there is never enough time, light is always a challenge and more often than not, the couple is not comfortable having their photos taken.  Therefore, a seasoned wedding photographer who knows what to expect on your wedding day can easily accommodate these challenges and can therefore focus more on the creative elements available. 

Clearly weddings are fast paced events with a lot of emotions and a lot of activities.  As a result, an inexperienced photographer can easily miss a creative opportunity such as beautiful light.  For instance shooting everything in a straightforward, boring way.  For this reason, why pay money for photos that your uncle could have taken?  

Importantly, a good way to test if a photographer will be able to give you creative wedding photos, is to book an engagement photo shoot.  Without a doubt, you will quickly know if the photographer is up to your expectations or not.  Remember, you can never redo your wedding day memories or moments!  

My sister-in-law spoke about how amazing Christelle's pictures are and I sent her an enquiry. From the first telephone call with Christelle, I knew we had been lucky enough to get the perfect photographer. She is kind, understanding and incredibly patient both before and especially on the day. She has a wonderful way and I am so happy she was there for a calm head when it was needed at times.

a romantic close up of the bride smiling
- Lourens & Karen, September 2018
Twelve Apostles Hotel, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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