Allistair & Fiona, Cape Town Wedding, South Africa

Allistair and Fiona came all the way from the UK and decided to have a Cape Town wedding at the luxurious 5 star hotel, The Twelve Apostles. What seemed like a rare windless day in Cape Town, turned out to be gusty with strong storm winds.

Fiona sprained her ankle just a few days before the wedding and there were concerns if she could do the first dance or even walked down the aisle! But nothing could dampen her high spirits and with a bit of help from the medicine world, Fiona not only walked down the aisle, but she walked down in style with one of the biggest and happiest smiles I have ever seen from a bride.

The Twelve Apostles hotel is to me the ultimate Cape Town wedding venue. As a photographer, one is spoiled with the ocean views, the mountain views and even the hotel itself provides so many unique photograph opportunities! We made use of the gusty winds and Fiona’s gorgeious wedding gown for their couple portraits.

The reception followed with wonderful food, music and humoures speeches. The couple did a great job on the dancefloor and everyone (young and old) had a royal time!

Allistair & Fiona, thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer and making me part of your wedding day!

Christelle Rall is the top award winning South Africa Wedding Photographer as per her international awards, publications and accolades.

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