Nigeria Couple Shoot

In June 2017, I was a speaker at The Now Collectives photography conference in Lagos, Nigeria.  It was a life changing experience that I will never forget.  Simply because of the people that I met.  Edema & Oye are two of these special people.  Being a fantastic fine art and wedding photographer himself, the pressure was on to deliver.  They were such an awesome couple to shoot and patiently did everything I asked – even climbing on the rocks!  Edema & Oye, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to capture your love and kindness.  And thank you to Sottu, the convener of  The Now Collectives for getting us in touch.


Christelle Rall is an international award-winning wedding photographer with over 12 years’ experience.  Her photography is both emotional and creative.  She aims to provide her clients with images that speaks a thousand words, but still convey the beautiful aesthetics of the day.     

Christelle Rall is the top award winning South Africa Wedding Photographer as per her international awards, publications and accolades.

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