Garden Route Family Shoot

Ruan is a photographer himself and our approach to our photography is in a lot of ways very similar. We both appreciate that photography is not just about a pretty picture, but more importantly about capturing those fleeting, in between moments and memories that one will treasure for the rest of our lives. They recently became parents to a beautiful little baby girl and I spend half a day with them capturing their love, their relationship and their obvious joy for this baby girl.

Christelle Rall is an internationally award winning family documentary photographer with over 12 years’ experience in photography. With her family photography, she always aims to showcase those gentle moments of love and joy that parents have for their kids. Its these moments that parents will treasure for years to come, when the kids are out of the house and have families of their own.

Christelle Rall is the top award winning South Africa Wedding Photographer as per her international awards, publications and accolades.

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