Niel & Marsoné,
De Vette Mossel Wedding, Great Brak

Niel & Marsoné both grew up and reside in Pretoria but met on the beach in Durban while on holiday. It was a natural choice to then have a De Vette Mossel Wedding that allowed them to say their vows on the beach at Great Brak, Garden Route.

Unfortunately, as wedding goes, the wind was horrendous and at several points throughout the day it seemed that their dream of getting married bare foot on the beach, feeling the sand through their toes will not be a possibility. But in spite of this, the couple and their amazing guests stuck through the wind and a wonderful, tear and joy filled wedding ceremony was held.

Afterwards the couple moved up to the character filled venue and as any De Vette Mossel wedding goes, it looked super. The rustic feel of the venue was exactly what Niel & Marsoné wanted and provided a perfect setting. The unique backdrop that a De Vette Mossel wedding provide, allowed for a down-to-earth natural feel to the couple’s wedding photos. The décor perfectly reflected a simple unassuming rustic vintage feel with no dominant colour scheme or flower arrangements.

As Niel is a photographer himself, he understood the importance of the Golden Hour sunset light. The couple re-arranged their entire wedding schedule to allow for couple and group photos on the beach at exactly this hour. And wow, the sunset did not disappoint. Because the air was filled with the sand (from the wind), the colours of the sunset was not only enhanced but also wonderfully diffused as well. IT. WAS. AMAZING. And the wedding photos shows it. Intimate, loving, caring, fun and in the most beautiful setting.

This was a fun filled De Vette Mossel wedding that I will remember, especially as Niel and Marsoné became good friends! Great, genuine kinds of peoples. In spite of the weather, they did not complain once and made my job so easy and fun. Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer!

Christelle Rall is the top award winning South Africa Wedding Photographer as per her international awards, publications and accolades.

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