Obayd & Brigita, Belair Wedding, Paarl

I first met Obayd and his family about 5 years ago when I did a family friend’s wedding in Paarl. In the years following that, I have done many, many shoots in this circle. So when Obayd’s turn came around to get married, I was naturally humbled that the family still chose me after so many years – thank you!

I have done a few very hot weddings in my career, including a wedding in the Namib desert and lots of weddings in Seychelles on the equator. But wow, Obayd & Brigita’s Belair Wedding in Paarl was probably the hottest wedding I have ever shot! Nevertheless, Brigita looked incredibly beautiful with stunning make up.

After the Muslim ceremony, we took the couple portraits on the grounds of this beautiful estate. We were blessed with an amazing sunset after the heat of the day. This was my first Belair Wedding and I must say the flowers and décor was amazing. With the views from the venue, not much is needed and Obayd & Brigita’s choice of glass and whites perfectly complimented the setting.

The reception was filled with heartfelt speeches and a wonderfully prepared meal. Thank you Obayd and Brigita for choosing me as your wedding photographer, for you and your family’s hospitality over the years and always making me feel so welcome and appreciated!

Christelle Rall is the top award winning South Africa Wedding Photographer as per her international awards, publications and accolades.

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