In an ideal world, I will most probably be living on an off-the-grid farm somewhere in Africa. Surrounded by family, lots of animals and flowers.

I’ll still be a storyteller through some form of creative medium. Like painting, photography, writing, cooking or just anything that is creative. And my ideal job would be to help others help themselves, like teaching self-sustainable life skills.

Christelle Rall

Christelle Rall is a Western Cape Wedding Photographer, and is in her 13th year as a photographer.  She loves the challenge of capturing each wedding, family or corporate shoot in a unique and creative way.  Her photos not only portray the raw emotions and special moments as it happens, but she has the rare talent to make use of ordinary elements available on the day to create strikingly creative compositions.  

My Story

She studied Broadcasting Media and graduated with an Honours degree, but the start of 2006 saw her interest in photography taking a new turn through her involvement in Film, TV and Video production.  The transition to full-time professional photography was made in 2011 and she has never looked back since.  As a leading Western Cape Wedding Photographer, she has covered weddings in all areas across the region in the most beautiful and diverse settings.

Her wedding photography continues to push the boundaries of creativity, while her classic portraiture approach ensures for beautifully elegant wedding photos. This combination offers each client the best of creative, yet timeless images where the focus is always on telling your unique story.  Her family photography style is creative, unique and innovative. Her images portray unscripted emotion that reflects the subject truthfully.

‘In 20 years from now, I want my clients to look back at their photos and relive the love, the joy, the tears, the laughter… to treasure and feel those genuine in-between moments and raw emotions when looking at their photo album.’

Christelle has won many international awards and accolades over the years which makes her one of the best award winning wedding photographers in South Africa.  She is the only South African to have ranked in top 100 rankings in the past 5 years.  Most recently, she was ranked Nr 22 in the world by the International Society for Professional Wedding Photographers (2018).  She has judged several international and local wedding photography competitions in countries such as Germany, Mexico, USA and Malaysia.  Her wedding photography teachings has taken her to places such as Lagos (Nigeria), Harare (Zimbabwe) and the middle east.

  • Over 300 international awards (2014 – 2019)
  • International Wedding Photography Judge, speaker and teacher in 9 countries (2015-2019)
  • Ranked Nr. 22 in the world by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (2018)
  • Top 100 listings by SLR, Fearless Photographers, Wedding Photography Society & ISPWP (2014 – 2019)
  • Finalist – World Family Documentary Photography (2017)
  • MyWed top 10 placing (2017)
  • 1st Place in Weddings Photography Society’s Collection 23′ (2016)
  • Admired in Africa’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ (2015)
  • Fearless Photographer’s ‘Candid Photo of the Year’ (2014)
  • Over 300 international awards and accolades (2014 – 2018)
  • Featured in more than 100 printed and online media in around 20 countries