Eugene & Jurizma, A Karoo Wedding, Willomore

A Karoo Wedding

A Karoo Wedding

A Karoo Wedding is every photographer’s dream.  This wedding raised the bar with vast landscapes, a gorgeous couple, and the most amazing sunset light. 

I met Eugene & Jurizma on their wedding day with our only communication prior being emails and WhatsApp messages.  I literally met Eugene doing the last few DIY elements to their stunning reception wedding venue.  And immediately you know that these are genuine, authentic ‘salt-of-the-earth’ kind of people.  Look, A Karoo wedding is already high in my books, but these two made it so much more extra special! 

The couple got married on a windy day in December in the hot semi-desert area of the greater Karoo. This wedding has so many special moments, lots of belly laughs, tears, and overwhelming joy. The details were all hand made by family and friends.  And the setting was the local farm show grounds which is very fitting for a farmer to get married in.  Everything about this Karoo Wedding was special and the personal touches really warmed my heart.  The hall and ceremony areas were dressed in freshly cut greenery typical to the area such as Karoo thorn bush.  Guest were seated on straw bales under a tin roof for the ceremony. 

A Karoo Wedding with character

A Karoo Wedding is always characterized by the people of the Karoo.  And this wedding did not disappoint.  The world-famous Karoo generosity shined throughout the day.  There was food in abundance!  From mouth-watering South African delicacies such as biltong, droe wors, homemade jams and breads, to a spit braai spread and 4 homemade cakes to choose from.  The couple shares a love for coffee (as do I).  They added a creative touch of a coffee theme with the tables named after famous coffee drink such as the Cappuccino, Late and Espresso.  And each guest also received a personalized coffee gift.

As mentioned earlier, the golden hour sunset light for a Karoo wedding is always something to get excited about.  And Willomore’s vast open landscapes was stunning. Everything just came together for this wedding with a beautiful setting, stunning couple, and amazing light.

This wedding won an Editor’s choice award as well as a ‘Wedding of the week’ award from hundreds of other weddings.  This was awarded on the immensely popular My Wed website that has over 65 000 wedding photographers from all over the world. Congratulations to the couple and thank you for choosing me to be part of your wedding day!

The beautiful town of Willomore in the greater Karoo of South AfricaThe groom's wedding details photographed with a guitarThe groom putting on his unique belt bucklea funny moment during the groom's preparationsthe mother of the bride helps the groom while his family moves aboutthe mother of the groom shares a funny moment with her grand childthe page boy is sad for being woken up to go the weddingthe groom walks down the corridor with old family photos up on the wallthe beautiful old restored country hotel where the bride got readythe mother of the bride walking into the room while the wedding dress hangs over the walllots of wedding preparations with dressing kids and explaining what to dothe bride's beautiufl madison wedding shoesthe light falls perfectly on the mother of the bride's hand while she is helping the bride to get dressa touching moment when the mother of the bride helps her daughter to get dress in her wedding dressthe light falls on the bride picking up her wedding shoesthe bride puts on her shoes as the sunlight falls on itthe bride takes a peak at the men waiting outside her roomthe wedding detail of the flower girl hurting her toea soft portrait of the bride using natural light and her veilthe bride stands in the door way for a wedding portrait with her veilA Karoo WeddingA Karoo Weddingthe bride walks towards her wedding transportationthe bride plays with her beautiful wedding dress in the suna fun wedding family portrait of the bride, her mom and sisterthe wedding ceremony area at the willomore show groundsthe wedding party awaits the arrival of the bridethe flower girls point to the beautiful wedding ringsthe bride arrives in a vintage car at her wedding ceremonythe happy bride in her vintage wedding car arrives at her wedding ceremonythe bride and her bridal following prepares to walk down the islethe ring bearer walks down the isle first for the wedding ceremonythe happy groom viewing his bride for the first imeA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo Weddingthe bride laughs merrily as they are announced husband and wifeA Karoo Wedding with an intimate moment shared between the newly weds during their ceremonyA Karoo Wedding where the mother of the bride signing the register with a photo of her late husband on the bride's bouquetA Karoo Wedding of the bride and groom exiting their wedding receptionA Karoo Wedding where the guests congratulate the bride and groomA Karoo Wedding where the guests walk towards the wedding receptionA Karoo Wedding with all the wedding guests sharing a warm hugA Karoo Wedding where the bride enjoys a joke with her wedding guestsA Karoo Wedding with unique personal touches such as this coffee wedding guest favoursA Karoo Weddinga little wedding guest enjoys the soft ice cream lollies of the pre wedding receptionA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingA Karoo WeddingAn intimidate photo between bride and groomBeautiful karoo sunset light for this couple photoA fun moment during the couple portrait sessionthe old vintage wedding car driving on the dirt roads of the karooa close up on wedding details like this tattoothe bride and groom walks into their wedding receptionthe bride and groom cuts the wedding cake while a child is looking onthe newly weds cuts the wedding cakethe newlyweds plays a game to see how well they know each otherThe bride and groom playing a fun game with shoes at their wedding receptionan emotional moment for the mother of the bride during the speechesthe groom gets teased by his friends during his wedding speechA funny moment during the wedding couple's first dancethe bride and groom doing their first dance as husband and wifeA great moment during the bride and groom's first wedding dancethe guests and wedding couple do a funny dancea young wedding guest do a waltz with his grand mother

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