Jaycee & Andrea, Hillcrest Quarry Engagement Shoot

Hillcrest Quarry Engagement Shoot

Hillcrest Quarry Engagement Shoot with Jaycee and Andrea.

Because it was raining for days in Cape Town, we had doubts if we could even do their planned engagement shoot.  While the morning of the due date was still cold and chill, there were no rain.  In fact, it became very sunny and it turned out to be the perfect day for a shoot.

I first met Jaycee and Andrea a day or two before South African’s hard lock down.  Along with being one of the nicest couples, I loved their positive vibes.  In spite of not having a venue or a date yet, they booked me for their wedding next year.  Due to lock down we could not proceed with their engagement shoot, but we started planning when it was allowed.  Hillcrest Wine Farm graciously granted us permission to use their premises and everything came together beautifully.        

Hillcrest quarry in Durbanville

Even though it was my first visit to this quarry, I loved it from the word go.  In addition to this unique backdrop, the diversity of the area is endless.  With this in mind, we had no definite plans and made use of the different scenery and light as we moved along.  As a result we ended up shooting for 3 hours!  While I have no idea how that happened, Jaycee and Andrea were such troopers and game for all my ideas. 

Andrea wanted to incorporate a few props.  Along with the bottle of wine they shared when Jaycee proposed, we also made use of her other great ideas.  Following the quarry scenery, we climbed up the hill to make use of the olive orchards.  It was completely worth it with a beautiful sunset from up the hill.      

Jaycee and Andrea, thank you for your wonderful positive willingness for your Hillcrest Quarry Engagement Shoot.  I’m so looking forward to shooting your wedding!