Pieter & Kim’s Majik Forest Engagement Shoot

Majic Forest Engagement Shoot

I first met Pieter and Kim on the day of their Majik Forest engagement shoot.  From the start I knew this a fun-loving couple that likes to laugh.  However, there was no specific plan for the shoot, and we decided to walk around and shoot whatever is nice.  Nevertheless, it worked out so well and we were blessed with an amazing sunset with that perfect golden hour light. 

The main reason for their engagement shoot was to get to know each other a bit, for the couple to get to know how I work and vice versa.  As a rule, I always recommend an engagement shoot because it makes such a difference to your wedding photos.  Not only does it take the edge of from being photographed, but it also gives your peace of mind.  Knowing that your precious wedding moments and memories will be photographed beautifully. 

Majik Forest Engagement shoot venue

I have photographed at the Majic Forest plenty of times over the years.  If I am correct, my first shoot in this beautiful park was way back in 2010.  The park is ideally situated and close to some popular neighbourhoods in the Nothern Suburbs of Cape Town.  One is also spoiled for choice at this park as there are a variety of backdrops to choose from.  A little forest area with mature trees covers the northern part of the park, a wide-open dam with meadow’s in the middle and towards the south there is a river that also makes for pretty pictures.  The park does have controlled access and is only open during specific hours.  Also, make sure your timing of your shoot is well planned for the time of the year.  In summer, it becomes hot.  The sun tends to disappear quicker because of the Durbanville Hills behind it.   

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