Wessel & Nadia, Noordhoek Engagement Photo shoot

Noordhoek Engagement Photo shoot

Noordhoek Engagement Photo shoot with sunrise using the beautiful colours of boats and beach houses.

It was dark in the early morning when I first met Wessel & Nadia for their engagement shoot in Noordhoek.  And then I met their teeny tiny cutest puppy, and I knew we were on the same page.  Firstly, just as the sun started rising, we used the wonderful colours from the boats in the Noordhoek harbour.  Resulting in glorious golden sunlight.  Along with photos on the peer, a boat owner was kind enough to allow us access onto his fishing trawler.

Noordhoek colourful beach houses

At this time, the sun peaked, and we moved to the beach to make use of the colourful beach houses.  Timing was perfect.  Especially with the soft morning mist and golden glow on the rocks.  As a result, the light on the colourful houses bounced in abundance.  In spite of the beach being very busy with early morning visitors, Wessel & Nadia’s presence never faded.  In fact, they are real troopers and was happy to climb over rocks to get the perfect light.

Noordhoek Mountain

Because parks were still closed at the time, we made use of a private entry to the Noordhoek mountain.  Permission was graciously granted to us by the private landowner, a previous client of mine.  Nadia wore a bright mustard top to keep the theme of ‘colour’ within the green setting.  Finally, we made use of the magnificent view from the mountain to conclude their beautiful Noordhoek Engagement Photo Shoot. 

Altogether, it was such an awesome feeling to be back out shooting after months of lockdown.  Just as it was great to be inspired by this gorgeous couple and the wonderful surroundings of Noordhoek.  Especially because their lock down wedding is coming up soon!

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award winning engagement photos
award winning engagement photos