Pieter & Kim, Welbeloond Wedding venue Cape Town

Welbeloond wedding venue Cape Town

Welbeloond Wedding venue cape town

I’ve never been to Welbeloond Wedding venue Cape Town before, but from the moment I arrived at this beautiful venue, I loved it.  I first met Pieter & Kim about a month or so before their wedding for their engagement shoot. we had so much fun that I just sommer knew this is going to be lekker wedding. 

The day started off WiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNDY!!!  Yes, I needed to write it like that because it was a hectic wind.  I’ve had wind in my 14 years of being a wedding photographer… and then I’ve had Cape Town Wind.  Believe me, they are not the same.  In Cape Town, when the wind blows, you can not stay upright.  You get blown over even when you are standing up, on a scooter, on a bike etc… You just can not stay vertical!  And in Cape Town, it blows for daaaaays!  The wind was so bad, the ceremony had to be moved inside.  But none of this gave the couple a moments beat of not going to enjoy their special day and it was all laughs and joy from beginning to end. 

A versatile wedding venue

Fortunately, the Welbeloond Wedding Venue Cape Town offers a variety of options for the inside ceremonies.  These updated old Cape Dutch buildings are beautiful and completely renovated with those huge, authentic old wooden beams on the ceiling.  The groom and his groomsmen got ready in the renovated horse stables that are now guest accommodation.  The old horse ‘locks’ are still visible on the walls!    

I loved this couple from the word go, they are so unique and true to themselves.  Kim is a high school math teacher and both Pieter and Kim are Mensa members!  They are not serious people at all, so I would never have guessed.  They completely push the box and that is why we clicked. We almost got blown away a few times (I had a scary moment on a wall!), but true to their personalities, we laughed through it and the images are stunning.

A fun filled reception followed with some great laughs amongst the guests using the photo booth.  As well as the bouquet tossing…  and the garter tosssing…. and the dancing…. let’s just say there was a lot of fun!  I enjoyed this wedding so much and I am forever grateful for beautiful, authentic clients like Pieter & Kim.  You guys are the good stuff!

As far as the Welbeloond Wedding Venue Cape Town is concerned – it really does get a 5 star from me.  Great place for photos, it makes life easy as both the groom and bride can do their preparations there and it offers you various options for weather conditions.  Plus it has so many beautiful backdrops to choose from for you photos!  

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